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1.Single Knot Netting
Nylon, polyethylene and monofilament Nylon (0.1mm dia. - 0.20mm dia.)

Nylon Multifilament
Polyethylene Multifilament
Nylon Braid ed
Nylon Monofilament

2.Double Knots Netting
Nylon, &  monofilament Nylon (0.17mm dia. - 1.00mm dia.)

Nylon Monofilament

3.Rachel Knotless Netting
Nylon, polyethylene and polyester, etc.
    Rachel Knotless Netting are good for Purse Seine Net, Set Net, Trawl Net, Lift Net and Fish 
    Farming net not only, but also for agriculture and industrial usage such as Wind Braking Net, 
    Insect & Bird Protecting net, Safety Net, Cargo Net, Hammock, Sports net.

    Mesh depth up to 1,200MD.
    Very small mesh size are available (3/16" str. and 2.4mm sq.)
    Any thickness from 210d/2 up to 210d/306.

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